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A nice base for photography and videography.
Bemen Wong . Sarawak, Malaysia . 14/5/2021
Come in perfect condition.wrapped with bubble wrapping,.outside box wrapped with plastic for protection. the inside got a lot of bubble wrapping for newspapers but loads of bubble wrappp.never disappoint.
Fragner Sinetor . Sarawak, Malaysia . 13/5/2021
Very good packaging and fast shipping. All of my figures box arrived in perfect condition, without a slightest dent on them. Definitely will be buying from them again.
Amanjaya Hotel . Kedah, Malaysia . 13/5/2021
Dealing with Toypanic has been a pleasant experience. Very smooth and easy checkout transaction. Extremely fast delivery. Excellent service and highly trusted and recommended seller to any toys and games lovers.
Matthew Wee Ann Poh . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
Fast Delivery and crazy safety packing
Sean Poh . Kedah, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
Super fast shipping !!!
Tan Jie Seng . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
Great customer service and really helpful :)
LOW WAI KIT . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
Fast shipping, nice packing protection
Jasper Chung . Sabah, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
Faster shipping
Jasper Chung . Sabah, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
Fast shipping
Jasper Chung . Sabah, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
Fast shipping
Jasper Chung . Sabah, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
This is how ToyPanic packing your valuable toys.
AMIR BIN OTHMAN . Selangor, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
May the Force with delivery, all fast and smooth !!
Lai Mei Song . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
As always Toypanic delivered the services with their best x2!
Nick Ang Kwong Yeow . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
As always Toypanic delivered the services with their best!
Nick Ang . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
Item safe come, thanks
don kwang seng . Sarawak, Malaysia . 13/5/2021
The item receive in good condition. The packaging is super secure too!
Assyakirin Ibrahim . Sarawak, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
Fast delivery and good packing
Louis yap . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 11/5/2021
Excellent as always in packing and delivery.
Chan Yeng Shu . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 11/5/2021
The automated system that attempts to cancel it while waiting for shipping is slightly frustrating. But the people you deal with are happy to fix and resolve issues. Fantastic serive.
Conrad plante . Nova Scotia, Canada . 11/5/2021
MCO or no MCO, you can always count on ToyPanic to deliver🙂 Best in the business.
Eugene Wong . Selangor, Malaysia . 11/5/2021
item arrive flawlessly and good price
Ezwan Hafiz . Pahang, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
Great toys come again! Thank you very much for Toypanic! No you no good toys! Excellent! The best toys dealers ever!
BOON KUN TIEN . Johor, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
Superb and secure packaging for all the fragile items.
Peace of mind. Thank you very much!!
Wong Tet Soon . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 11/5/2021
Item arrived safely As always good packaging 👍
Louis yap . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 11/5/2021
Well received. Thanks.
Kelvin Yoong Thiam Choon . Selangor, Malaysia . 10/5/2021
Never complain about the ToyPanic that always second to none but the product just like the one they sell on shopee for RM170 because of the three (3) types of Ironman reactors. The body itself look and feel very cheap and nothing special and nothing closed to Hottoys or Enterbay bodies at all except got holes on the chest. I planned to match with T-shirt or singlets because need to emphasise on the reactor but because of the quality I have to put the whole suits. But for the thick suits who need to pay that much of money for the body. Any below RM80 body will do.
Mohd Roffee Mohamad . Selangor, Malaysia . 09/5/2021
The green elves treat you like an old friend
Ridzuan bin Ramli . Johor, Malaysia . 09/5/2021
The green elves are always friendly
Ridzuan bin Ramli . Johor, Malaysia . 09/5/2021
The green elves always treat your hassle professionaly
Ridzuan bin Ramli . Johor, Malaysia . 09/5/2021
The green elves are willing to chat with you 😅
Ridzuan bin Ramli . Johor, Malaysia . 09/5/2021
What else can i say..already bought for 34th time and still counting..toypanic is simply the best..
Muhammad Hazwan Shamsudin . Selangor, Malaysia . 08/5/2021
Thank you, Item received safely...and the packaging 10/10
Abdullah Fathiin Bin Ahmad Fadzil . Kedah, Malaysia . 08/5/2021
Abdullah Fathiin Bin Ahmad Fadzil . Kedah, Malaysia . 08/5/2021
It'll be even better if can pay a visit inside your shop for toys browsing, of course with proper SOP :)
TANG JINQ HUNG . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 10/5/2021
Excellent as usual from team TP😊😊😊
IvanTan . Selangor, Malaysia . 08/5/2021
Luckily manage to po and no cut stock ! Thank you very much
Vints Cty . Sabah, Malaysia . 11/5/2021
I didn't pre-order it, luckily managed to grab a ready stock
Bemen Wong . Sarawak, Malaysia . 08/5/2021
As always had a wonderful experience. Team provided alternate shipping quote upon request. Really appreciate it. As usual packing was excellent. Thanks a lot team. You are the best!
Santhosh V . Karnataka, India . 10/5/2021
I have been Toypanic customer since 2017 and they have never let me down. The services gets better each time. Thanks.
Dr. Mohandass @ Matthew . Perak, Malaysia . 08/5/2021
Nice give and take. betul bertimbang rasa
TWONE FIRDAUS . Terengganu, Malaysia . 08/5/2021
Good Condition dan posting.
meor mohd kamil amirrudin . Selangor, Malaysia . 12/5/2021
Goods delivery packing are perfect and fast .
Andrew . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 08/5/2021
Packing almost the best in malaysia😊
Ong Soon Yih . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 08/5/2021
5 Stars Always
MEGAT JOHAR . Selangor, Malaysia . 07/5/2021
Very good packaging and fast shipping by gdex! Thank you very much!
Mohd Shafiq Nizam . Selangor, Malaysia . 07/5/2021
Best packaging!
Tham Weng Zhung . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 07/5/2021
Best packaging and fast shipment. Always is my 1st choice shop for collection
TC Lim . Pulau Pinang, Malaysia . 07/5/2021
Fast delivery...
Louis yap . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 06/5/2021
Very friendly reply from ToyPanic and extremely fast delivery. Order today and received by tomorrow. Excellent service.
Matthew Wee Ann Poh . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . 06/5/2021

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"1. I think ToyPanic should consider to put fragile on the shipping boxes because my last postage box got quite a big hole but luckily its doesn't effect the actual box, thanks God. 2. Hopefully if ToyPanic can absorb the GST, I'm very sure ToyPanic will be the number 1 collectors online and outlet in Malaysia. I think ToyPanic should take this as an opportunity. Anyway this is just my humble opinion. thanks"
Mohd Roffee Mohamad (Shah Alam, Selangor)
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"Reliable and trusted seller,fast delivery,is just some goods are a little slower from expecting date."
Lee Wai Chin (Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia)
Read their stories
"Unfortunately, my item had some manufacturing defect. After opening a separate box, the same issue was detected. No fault of ToyPanic though."
Daryl Soong (Pulau Pinang, Malaysia)
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