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Fire Scorpion KO Optimus Prime (Bumblebee Movie Ver.)
From Fire Scorpion
MYR538.00 . MYR511.10
511 Panic Points

LS-13 Tactical Commander (KO Optimus Prime)
MYR278.00 . MYR264.10
264 Panic Points

JJ-02 Jet Commander KO Superion Combiner (Set of 5)
From JuJiang
288 Panic Points

From Imaginarium-Art
MYR13058.00 . MYR12405.10  . 12405 Panic Points

GT-08C Bulance
From Generation Toy
328 Panic Points

DK-12 Upgrade Kit for MPM-6 Ironhide
From DNA Design
MYR118.00  . 118 Panic Points

THF-01J Sonic Wave (KO MP-13)
From Toy House Factory
MYR188.00  . 188 Panic Points

LT-02W White OPrime / UMagnus
From Legendary Toys
MYR238.00  . 238 Panic Points

LS-06 Tank Mega Commander (Megatron)
From Black Mamba
238 Panic Points

M05 Oversized Hide Shadow (Scorpion with Diorama set) B
From Wei Jiang
250 Panic Points

God of War - Autobot Apex (KO Oversize SS38 Prime)
From Model Wizard
198 Panic Points

G2 Yellow Oversize GT Gravity Builder Combiner Box Set + Upgrade Kit Pack
From Jinbao
388 Panic Points

T-08 Shake Sky Wing (KO MPM-8 Megatron Oversized)
From Model Wizard
MYR228.00  . 228 Panic Points

YueXing Cel Shaded Deco MMP10E - Limited Edition (KO Oversize MP-10 Optimus Prime)
From YueXing
238 Panic Points

GOD-03 Leadfoot
From TF Dream Factory
125 Panic Points

LT-03B Nemesis Prime (Black MTCD-01SP Striker Manus)
From Legendary Toys
MYR198.00  . 198 Panic Points

TW-F09 Freedom Leader (Normal Version)
From ToyWorld
MYR638.00 . MYR606.10
606 Panic Points

TW-F09 Freedom Leader (Deluxe Version)
From ToyWorld
MYR708.00 . MYR672.60  . 673 Panic Points

Race Computron (Set of 5)
From Race
MYR518.00 . MYR492.10
492 Panic Points

Figure Complex Amazing Yamaguchi Series No.014 - Convoy / Optimus Prime
From Kaiyodo
MYR330.00  . 330 Panic Points

Kuro Kara Kuri 03 - Star Saber
From Flame Toys
MYR1840.00  . 1840 Panic Points

Transformers Bumblebee Statue (Deposit Payment)
From XM Studios
MYR5250.00  . 10500 Panic Points

Transformers Bumblebee Statue (Full Payment)
From XM Studios
MYR4850.00  . 9700 Panic Points

(Furai Model) 01B - Nemesis Prime Attack Mode - Exclusive Variant
From Flame Toys
188 Panic Points

Neoart Toys NT-11 Beast Muscle (Black Leonidas)
From Neoart Toys
MYR268.00 . MYR254.60
255 Panic Points

SRK-03 Wrath (KO Grimlock) Shuraking Combiner
From G-Creation
MYR518.00  . 518 Panic Points

Small Full Diecast Commander (Optimus Prime TLK)
From Wei Jiang
MYR68.00  . 68 Panic Points

KBB Combat Commander (NOT GT-05 OP)
From KuBianBao
MYR38.00  . 38 Panic Points

T-Warrior (Optimus Prime)
From Model Wizard
38 Panic Points

EX07 Traveller (Cosmos)
From Zeta Toys
198 Panic Points

KO MP-08X Masterpiece King Grimlock
From Others
MYR228.00  . 228 Panic Points

MM-VIII G2 Arkose (Green)
From X-Transbots
288 Panic Points

LS-07 Armour Wasp Yellow Bee
From Black Mamba
MYR138.00  . 138 Panic Points

GOD-09 Bonecrusher
From TF Dream Factory
298 Panic Points

THF-03 Dynastron
From Toy House Factory
228 Panic Points

H6002-8 Field Commander (Oversize POTP - OP/OP)
From Black Mamba
MYR148.00  . 148 Panic Points

Megatron Mega 18 Action Figure
From Toys Alliance
MYR818.00 . MYR777.10  . 777 Panic Points

GOD-01S JTFR Battle Damaged with Special Upgrade
From TF Dream Factory
MYR358.00 . MYR340.10
340 Panic Points

Optimus Prime Helmet
From Model Wizard
MYR158.00 . MYR150.10  . 150 Panic Points

MM001 Blackarachnia
From Transform Element
MYR158.00 . MYR150.10
150 Panic Points

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