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1/6th scale Deadpool Collectible Figure
From Hot Toys
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“Wait ‘til you get a load of me.”

Marvel’s most unconventional superhero, Deadpool, will finally hit the silver screen in full glory with his over-the-top personality, dark twisted sense of humor, and tendency to break the fourth wall which fans have always loved! Today, Hot Toys is very excited to officially introduce the one and only 1/6th scale Deadpool collectible figure based on the upcoming Deadpool movie!  

In this new film, the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson will be unfolded, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

The movie-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Deadpool from the film. It features a newly developed masked head sculpt with 5 pairs of interchangeable eye pieces to create numerous combinations of Deadpool’s expressions, newly developed body, meticulously tailored Deadpool suit with weathering effects, Deadpool’s signature katanas and pistols, variety of interchangeable hands with gestures, and a specially designed Deadpool themed dynamic figure stand perfect for aerial poses.

You just can’t pass up on this opportunity to add the beloved Merc with a Mouth to your collection and witness the beginning of a happy ending.
The 1/6th scale Deadpool Collectible Figure’s special features:
-          Authentic and detailed likeness of Deadpool in Deadpool movie
-          One (1) Deadpool head with five (5) pairs of interchangeable eye pieces that can create numerous combinations of Deadpool’s expressions
-          Approximately 31 cm tall
-          Newly developed body with over 30 points of articulation
-          Twelve (12) pieces of interchangeable gloved hands including:
-          One (1) pair of fists
-          One (1) pair of relaxed hands
-          One (1) pair of katana holding hands
-          One (1) pair for gun holding hands
-          One (1) pair of finger pointing hands
-          One (1) thumb-up right hand
-          One (1) OK sign left hand
-          Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted
Costume :
-          One (1) specially tailored red and black colored Deadpool suit with weathering effects
-          One (1) brown colored leather-like belt
-          One (1) pair of thigh gun holsters
-          One (1) dagger sheath on shin
-          One (1) pair of red and black colored boots
-          One (1) dagger
-          Two (2) metal katanas
-          Two (2) pistols
-          Two (2) shurikens
-          One (1) pair of katana sheath
-          Specially designed Deadpool emblem dynamic figure stand with Deadpool nameplate and the movie logo
-          Head Sculpted by Kojun
-          Head Painted by JC. Hong
-          Head Art Directed by JC. Hong

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

Our Price: MYR918.00


Only applicable within Malaysia
NOT applicable for international order

Comment (17)

Thanks man =)
Tan Jia Yi | 30/8/2016 12:19:45 PM
It already release in HK. :) Do allow us to receive it around 1-2 months timeframe. Not to worry, once it dock in our warehouse, we will notify you. Thanks | 30/8/2016 12:18:48 PM
when it release ?
Tan Jia Yi | 30/8/2016 11:54:17 AM
Cool. Thank you. | 24/8/2016 7:23:39 AM
I have ordered. Tq
Manoraj Krishnasamy | 23/8/2016 7:44:13 PM
If you still see the green "preorder now" button, mean it's still available to PO. So...yes, you cans till PO it :)
ToyPanic | 23/8/2016 11:17:28 AM
Can I still order this?
Manoraj Krishnasamy | 23/8/2016 11:14:29 AM
Its only estimate. But anyway we should receive it in stock 1-2 months after the figure release in Hong Kong :)
ToyPanic | 12/6/2016 7:32:55 AM
Is it confirmed to be shipped in September?
Faizul Jasmi | 12/6/2016 1:01:24 AM
Our Po has sold out. U can add to wishlist..if we hv any last minute cancellation u will be notified via email in real time :)
ToyPanic | 23/4/2016 6:37:09 PM
Can I still preorder ? I just wan one unit please I can come To ur shop and pay the deposit
Ooi ivan | 23/4/2016 1:11:38 PM
You are in luck. Please go and click on the PO button to PO it now before someone else does :)
ToyPanic | 28/3/2016 6:47:08 PM
Please i want to buy this unit please.
anonymous | 28/3/2016 6:28:02 PM
Well you are in luck, we can still secure additional units. Please hurry up to PO before someone else took it :)
ToyPanic | 23/2/2016 11:07:55 PM
Able to po again?
Diong loo keong | 23/2/2016 9:16:40 PM
In fact the PO item already sold out. :( Do add to our wishlist. Just in case there is last minutes cancel from our client, you will be notified by our system. :) Thanks. | 16/1/2016 11:07:41 PM
already closed??isnt 16 jan deadline?
anonymous | 16/1/2016 9:17:32 PM

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