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1/72 McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom II 68-567 "Starize" 1stTRS/10th TRW Alconbury 1986
From Hobby Master
Code: HA1958

Length: 10.5"
Width: 6.25"

The first production RF- 4C flew in May 1964. The RF- 4C was an unarmed recon variant 
designed for information gathering. This variant is quite easy to recognize from other F-4 
variants because of the distinctive nose. The larger nose was designed to accommodate radar, 
sensors and flat windows for cameras. During its years of service the RF-4C used two nose 
variations. The original design was the angular version with a later design that had a smoother 
rounded camera bulge. There were 503 RF- 4cs built with 499 being officially accepted by the 

The 10th TRW was located at Alconbury, England and had 3 Tactical Reconnaissance 
Squadrons, the 1st, 30th and 32nd. Until May 1965 these squadrons flew the RB-66 Douglas 
Destroyer when they began to convert to the RF-4C Phantom II. In the early 1970’s tail codes 
became the standard markings and Alconbury was assigned “AR” -1st TRS, “AS” – 30th TRS 
and “AT” – 32nd TRS. After about 1 year all Alconbury aircraft wore “AR” on the tail with the 
10th TRW distinguished by a small color stripe on the tip of the tails. 1st TRS blue, 30th TRS 
red and the 32nd TRS yellow. 68-0576 was sent to AMARC on December 9, 1991.

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