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Museum Series Carnotaurus Scenes Collectible Level Statues (Exclusive Edition)
From DAM Toys
Code: MUS009AEX
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Designer development idea:
Among carnivorous dinosaurs, I have always felt that the shape and body structure of the Carnotaurus are very unique. This is not only because of the "horns" on its head. Compared to other large theropods, the Carnotaurus has a smaller head, a longer neck, longer leg bones and a longer chest. The overall shape of its bone structure is very slender. However, due to the influence of some early works of art, film and television, many dinosaur enthusiasts, including me, have the impression that the Carnotaurus is a strong, ferocious and excellent predator. Therefore, the challenge of this design was to create a burly beast without ruining the presupposed bone structure.
The inspiration for the spiny head came from a picture of a desert horned lizard (Phrynosoma platyrhinos) I have seen. This design has also been used in the previous series of Carnotaurus bust. For the facial details of this statue, the design has been thoroughly adjusted and re-sculpted. I have added more muscle to the neck and back to make its head appear more powerful; covered it with hardened leather and horny spikes so that it looks more aggressive. Thick flesh is added in creating the abdomen to play down the long and prominent pelvic structure of the Carnotaurus, so the chest does not look too slender. For the colour scheme, I have selected a red and black combination that is filled with evil energy. Hope you will like it.

Product introduction:
Name: Carnotaurus
Classification: Theropoda Abelisauridae 
Period: Late Cretaceous period, between about 72 and 69.9 million years ago
Distribution: Patagonia, Argentina, South America
Diet: Carnivorous 
Size: Length 8m, Height 3.5m, Hip Height 3m
Expected weight: 2500kg
Named by: Jose F. Bonaparte, 1985

Product no.: NO.MUS009A / B (Exclusive)
Product type: Museum Collection Series
Carnotaurus overall dimension (incl. base):  D 590mm H 300mm  W 225mm
Carnotaurus skull statue size((incl. base): D 200mm  H170mm  W115mm
Gross weight (exclusive): 7kg
Material used: Polystone  

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

Our Price: MYR1868.00

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