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PS4 PlayStation VR with PlayStation Camera
From Sony
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PlayStation VR is a Virtual Reality (VR) system that enhances PlayStation®4 and enriches gaming experiences. After putting on VR headsets, players will be surrounded by an impressive 3D space in 360 degrees. Together with the 3D audio technology developed on our own, this system creates the sense of presence, allowing players to enjoy as if they are in the gaming world.

Ways to Enjoy Other than VR Games:
Enjoy movies and games on a big screen in a virtual space!

PlayStation®VR has a feature called Cinematic Mode, which lets users enjoy content in 2D, including PlayStation®4 games and movies, on a giant virtual screen while wearing the VR headset.

Live the Game:
Immerse yourself in extraordinary new worlds, put yourself at the centre of an incredible gaming universe and experience a new way to play with PlayStation VR.

With 5.7” OLED screen, see hyper-real 3D environments come to life. Optical lens will bring you approx. 100 degree field of view.  Also discover a new dimension in sound with cutting-edge 3D audio that lets you accurately perceive the direction and distance of sounds that are coming from above, below and all around you.

To provide smooth visuals and super low latency, PS VR converts 60fps VR contents to 120fps. Low latency is critical to delivering an engaging and comfortable VR experience, and PS VR’s latency comes in at less than 18ms (0.018 seconds).

Experience New Worlds with PS VR:
PS VR uses a single 5.7” 1920 x 1080 resolution full-color OLED RGB display, also known as “1920 x RGB x 1080.” PS VR display uses full Red, Green and Blue sub-pixels to produce a full color pixel. 

Also the headset contains blue LED tracking lights and motion sensors that are used in conjunction with the PlayStation®Camera to track the position and orientation of your head in real-time.  These technologies enabled PS VR to further immerse the player and deliver a strong sense of presence.

Product name: PlayStation®VR with PlayStation®Camera

-VR headset × 1
-PlayStation Camera × 1
-Processor unit × 1
-HDMI cable × 1
-USB cable × 1
-Stereo headphones × 1 (with a complete set of earpiece)
-AC power cord × 1
-AC adaptor × 1

External dimensions:
-VR headset: Approx. 187×185×277 mm (width × height × length, excludes largest projecting part, headband at the shortest)
-Processor unit: Approx. 150×39×114 mm (width × height × length, excludes largest projecting part)

-VR headset: Approx. 600g (excluding cable)
-Processor unit: Approx. 300g

Display Method: OLED
Panel Size: 5.7 inches
Panel Resolution: 1920×RGB×1080 (960×RGB×1080 per eye)
Refresh rate: 120Hz,  90Hz
Field of View: Approximately 100 degrees
SensorsSix-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer)
Connection interface
VR headset: HDMI port, AUX port, Stereo headphone jack

Processor unit: HDMI TV port, HDMI PS4 port, USB port, HDMI output port, AUX port

Processor Unit Function3D audio processing, Social Screen (mirroring mode, separate mode), Cinematic mode

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

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