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Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom (JAPAN)
From Nintendo
Code: PAX0008959136


The palm-size is only the main body, the controller fully reproduces the original including the size and button arrangement. Since two controllers are attached, you can enjoy the game immediately with friends and family with exactly the same sense of play as at that time.

You can return to the home menu at any time by pressing the reset button to quit the game. You can play another game immediately without swapping the cassette. Also, in the home menu, you can save the progress of the game at that point as "break point". "Interruption point" can be stored up to 4 so it is convenient to share with family.

Various points have evolved from "Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer", so you can use it more conveniently and fun.

Replay Function
From the interruption point, you can rewind the game for a while and see your play again. It is convenient to remember how far forward the game has been. You can also resume the game from the timing rewinding. Even if it gets over the game, you can go back and start over before trying again, so why not try trying that soft software that was difficult at the time?

My Play Demo
Your play image saved as an interruption point will be played like a demo movie. It will also be an opportunity to remember which game you played last time.

Play with your favorite frame
There are 12 types of frames in all. There are frames that change according to the movement of the game.

Analog TV Mode
"Analog TV mode" that reproduces the way it looks like an old television, which was also installed in the "Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer", is in accordance with changes in the era when Super Nintendo was launched, whether the appearance of the 1980s therefore, adjustments have been made so that it becomes a way of the 1990s style.

Game Title:
·??????????? (Super Mario World)
·???????? ???????(Ganbare Goemon: Yukihime Kyushutsu Emaki)
·???? (Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts)
·?????? ?????????? (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past)
·???????????????? (Super Soccer)
·???????? (Contra Spirits)
·?????????? (Super Mario Kart)
·???????? (Star Fox)
·????2 (Seiken Densetsu 2)
·?????X (RockMan X)
·?????????? ???? (Fire Emblem)
·????????? (Super Metroid)
·???????????VI (Final Fantasy VI)
·??????????????II (Super Street Fighter II)
·??????????? (Super Donkey Kong)
·??????? ????????? (Yoshi’s Island)
·?????? (Panel de Pon)
·???????RPG (Super Mario RPG)
·?????? ????????? (Kirby Super Star)
·????????2 (Star Fox 2)

Note: AC adapter is NOT included.

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

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