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1/6 Royal Marine REORG (Featuring Tom Hardy)
From Green Wolf Gear
Code: GWG-011

Load Out Details
1 x Body
1 x Head sculpt (TOM HARDY)
1 x Royal Marine Beret (Designed by the Royal Marines)
1 x T-Shirt
1 x MTP PCS Pants
1 x VIRTUS MTP Body Armour
1 x VIRTUS MTP Hydra pouch
1 x MTP Ballastic Groin Protector
1 x Virtus MTP Padded Belt & Yoke
2 x VIRTUS MTP Mag pouch
1 x VIRTUS MTP Frag Grenade Pouch
1 x VIRTUS MTP Radio Pouch
2 x VIRTUS MTP Utility Pouch
1 x VIRTUS MTP Baynet & Sheath Pouch
1 x VIRTUS MTP Pistol Mag Pouch
1 x VIRTUS MTP Dump Pouch
1 x VIRTUS MTP Smoke Grenade pouch
1 x Revision Glasses
1 x VIRTUS Helmet with MTP Cover
1 x AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Goggles
1 x NVG Mount
1 x VIRTUS MTP NVG Counterbalance Weight
1 x PRC-152Radio
1 x Folding Antenna
1 x Bowman Command PRR
1 x Bowman Headset
1 x L85A3
1 x Spectre DR & X1 Holograhic sight
1 x LLM003 & Remote switch
1 x Foregrip Bipod
5 x Magpul E-Mag
1 x L85 Sling
1 x Glock 17
2 x Glock 17 Mags
1 x Radar 1957 Holster
1 x Leather ALTBERG Boots
1 x Oakley SI Pilot Gloved Hands
1 x British Issue G10 Watch
1 x Glock 17
1 x Commando Dagger
3 x Garmin GPS
1 x L132A1 Smoke Grenade
1 x L109 Frag Grenade
3 x Chemical Lightsticks
1 x L85 Bayonet and Sheath
1 x Combat Application Tourniquet
1 x Chemical light stick and Holder
1 x Patrol Notebook
1 x Inner Duty belt
1 x Combat Application Tourniquet
1 x Camelbak Bladder & Tube
1 x 3 Commando Brigade Patch
1 x REORG Patch
1 x Raven Patch
1 x ZAP Patch

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

Our Price: MYR858.00 . MYR729.30

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