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Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr Rufus (Agito) Plastic Model
From Kotobukiya
Code: FG076

"Frame Arms Girl", a spin off series of Kotobukiya's Frame Arms series, welcomes "Hresvelgr=Rufus (Agito)" to the lineup!

This kit is a compilation of Tomotake Kinoshita'a mecha design made into a bishoujo illustration by Eiji Komatsu and then made into a figure to present Frame Arms Girl "Hresvelgr=Rufus" in bikini armor accompanied with the "Heavy Weapon Unit 20 Agito" designed by Naohiro Washio.

Product specifications:
-"Agito" and "Hresvelgr=Rufus" armor (bikini armor part) are given a metallic red mold color.
-Many equipment forms can be recreated by pairing up the various parts.
-Agito can be combined with the separately sold "Leticia (Ryuubi)" to create the guardian dragon "Drago Mode" form and complete the dragons head.
-Agito can be combined with the separately sold "Leticia (Ryuubi)" to create the guardian dragon "Drago Mode" form. "Agito" will complete the dragon's head.
-The frame parts of the Dragon Mode's torso part are compatible with the Hexa Gear series' "Hexagram system" so various aprts can be interchanged.
-The Dragon Canon can be displayed with the grip either stored or displayed using alternative parts so it can be set as you like. Also using the forearm grip parts it can be attached and held by the figure using both hands. the canon barrel folds up to create the stored form.
Use the leadwire in the grip part to freely arrange the end of the knife part of the Twin Blades.
-Part of the Shield Fang can be exchanged so it can be combined with the Dragon Canon, the articulated grip and more allow it to be help by the figure and played with.
-It includes 3 types of pre-painted expression parts: "Standard looking forward", "Standard looking right", "Smiling looking left" and 1 more face part without tampo printing.
-2 blades are included for weapons.

Size: Approx. H155mm (non-scale)

Assemble Guide: This is a snap-together kits, no cement required. No painting required, but will look better when painted.

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