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Chibi Tom and Jerry (Beckoning Cat and Dharma Version)
From Soap Studio
Code: CA03C
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I have to admire the face-changing technique of cats and mice, this time they have integrated Japanese culture and added elements of beckoning cats and dharma. Chibi Tom, who was originally gray and blue, wore a one-piece lucky cat suit. The white fur color was matched with a pattern from yellow to brown, wearing a military green necklace and a gold glittering bell. He raised his left hand to recruit Zhaofu, holding a small gold coin in his right hand, dressed up as a cute and adorable lucky cat that can be lucky. The Chibi Jerry in Dharma style is also super happy, wearing a red Dahlia suit that means "fortune", "winning", "home safety", and "disaster relief", and painted with "Crane" Thick eyebrows and "turtle" beards, both of which have the meaning of auspiciousness and longevity. This pair of Japanese mascots is really a pair of patron saints for good luck. They are placed in the home, office or shop. I believe that good luck comes to you every day!

Product height:
Tom: about 10cm
Jerry: about 7cm

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

Our Price: MYR158.00

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