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1/6 scale Advent of Marvelous League - Basara
From Studio Sundowner
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«Advent of Marvelous League»
In the distant past, the world was in chaos. Demons and monsters dominated the land, touring peoples’ bodies and souls. The world had gone astray. Creatures and things stopped evolving, and the progress of civilizations paused. In order to bring the world back to order, the Creator summoned twelve war gods to fight for survival. Each of the twelve war gods will bring seven thousand dependents to battle with demons and monsters. The battles had lasted for several thousand years. Eventually, the twelve war gods won, and demons and monsters disappeared from the world. The world had resumed to order, beginning the era of the rule of man. And the twelve war gods returned to their world, waiting for the next call.

--New chapter--

After WWIII, human civilization grows after a nuclear blast. Only 0.1% of the world’s population survived the holocaust.
Many souls are unable to revive by entering the wheel of fortune, wandering between the spiritual world and our world.
The spirits with a strong desire possess other people or an animal’s body, and even machines. They are called as “Armageddon-Atman.” These unstable and violent forms will become the nightmare and disasters of Armageddon.
In the Genesis Era 0143 (2250 AD), Dr. Miles Becker of Human Revival Inspectorate proves the existence of super-psion. And he worked with the Psionic Association to develop the spirit animating technique of transforming psion into stable energy. At the same time, he uses high molecular polymer and micromechanical cell technique to create Adana-Vijnana Mecha so that the Psionic Association can summon souls to become the most powerful troops to fight against the wandering spirits.
The twelve psionic bodies summoned by the spirit reincarnation ritual are…
In the past, it has been possible to find the records of these twelve heavenly generals in different cultures, but only in different names in different times and different forms that have been recorded until the end of the world. Now, human culture is encountering its greatest ordeal. Scientists use new science together with spiritual invitation technology to allow these twelve heavenly generals to reanimate into this world.
When Adana-Vijnana Mecha reanimates, it will reflect the forms of psionic bodies. The twelve psionic general will be reanimated in the form of twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac. With the emotions of people, happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy, the psionic bodies’ abilities will be fully developed in this world through reincarnating as Adana-Vijnana Mecha. Each heavenly general has his own dharma tools.
The twelve Heavenly Generals or yaksha have different personalities. Some of them are fierce and some benign. Each of these twelve generals has seven thousand soldiers and dependents, and eighty-four hundred dharma mates. The twelve Heavenly Generals are divided into twelve earthly branches or twelve animal signs. They guard this world in turn 12 hours through days and nights, and the four seasons in twelve months (ancient classic).

Basara, the War God of Xu, has a self-willed personality. He always pursuing free and open will, does not identify with traditional authority. In order to follow his own will, he does not want to involve into the authority battle of the Gods. For thousands of years, he lives a self-exiled life. Nobody knows where he is. Someone said his power is even greater than the Four Heavenly Kings (Yama, Sakka, Brahma and Papiyas).

Material : Pvc, Abs, Clotes, leather, Resin
Head x1
Figure body x1
Shirts x1
Pants x1
coat x1
scarf x1
hand type x3
blade x1
Mask x1
stand x1
High:30 cm

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

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