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1/9 Hulkbuster Diecast Figure (DFS012)
From King Arts
Code: DFS012

Product introduction
Iron Man Armored Mark 44, well-known Hulkbuster, as the name implies, is designed to compete with runaway Hulk  and design. To be able to fight with the Hulk, he is designed to be a huge figure, both weight and strength! In the movie "The Avengers 2: Ages of Ultron", the Hulkbuster and Hulk sparring plot shock people,
Product Series: 1/9 Diecast Figure series
Product Name: 1/9 Hulkbuster
Product Code: DFS012
Product Specification
Product Measurement: 41CM (Height)
Outer carton size: around45*45*55CM
Per carton weight: around 8 KGS
Material Used:Alloy +Engineering plastics ABS
Packing: 1 sets/carton

Iron Man Mark 43 is sold separately here

Retail Price: MYR2680

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

This item is under allocation. There is risk/possibility that our stock might not be fulfilled by the maker. Only preorder this at your own discretion. However, if your preorder is not fulfilled, we shall fully refund any deposit paid back to you.

Our Price: MYR2600.00

  Sold Out  

Only applicable within Peninsula Malaysia.
NOT applicable for Sabah, Sarawak & international order.

Comment (40)

still available?
anonymous | 4/4/2021 10:38:20 AM
Hi, sir. 20% deposit off the preorder price, so in this case the deposit will be RM547.20
Andrew (ToyPanic Team) | 19/8/2019 11:34:01 AM
How much deposit sir?
anonymous | 18/8/2019 7:41:16 PM

anonymous | 18/8/2019 7:40:45 PM
Hi Sir, from our distributor sharing, this is the reissue item. :) Thanks. | 24/12/2018 3:28:57 PM
Is this 2.0 VERSION come with remote control?
anonymous | 24/12/2018 3:10:46 PM
done pre order and depo
DAROLL EMAN ABDUL HAMID | 29/10/2018 2:48:09 PM
tomorrow 29/11/2018 i depo
DAROLL EMAN ABDUL HAMID | 28/10/2018 11:15:59 PM
sir if tomorrow 29/11/2018 PRE ORDER can?
DAROLL EMAN ABDUL HAMID | 28/10/2018 11:10:08 PM
Hi, sir. Yes, it is still available. We forgot to reset the quantity for this. Thanks for informing us.
Andrew (ToyPanic Team) | 11/10/2018 11:28:01 AM
Hi, it show that in my wishlist and at the home page this hulkbuster is available to preorder but when I clicked it, it's already soldout. Is this still able to preorder?
Davien Jones | 11/10/2018 7:03:46 AM
Victor Chu | 4/6/2016 11:42:14 PM
If there are, you will receive an email from us :) Fingers crossed :)
Ethan Tang | 4/6/2016 11:26:01 PM
I added into my wishlist. Any new stock coming soon ?
Victor Chu | 4/6/2016 10:30:48 PM
Our first batch coming in end of May/ early June. Will keep ya guys posted
Ethan Tang | 3/5/2016 11:03:55 PM
Hi, any update for this figure ? Already may
anonymous | 3/5/2016 8:24:13 PM
It has been pushed out by King Arts as there have been a slow released of batches by the maker :( Shall keep you guys updated.
Ethan Tang | 4/4/2016 8:07:26 PM
Hi , any update for this figure ? Estimate release is on March ?
anonymous | 4/4/2016 7:24:26 PM
~Early May :)
Ethan Tang | 25/3/2016 8:37:47 AM
Estimate??Cant wait to put in my display case :P
FONG CHEE LIANG | 25/3/2016 12:45:15 AM
Not yet. As we received update from King Arts that, they are slowly releasing it by batches. We shall keep ya posted :)
Ethan Tang | 25/3/2016 12:43:04 AM
any update for this figure boss??
FONG CHEE LIANG | 25/3/2016 12:40:36 AM
You can add to wishlist. If there's any extra or last minute cancellation, you will be notified by us in real time :)
Ethan Tang | 13/1/2016 6:12:21 PM
will restock
anonymous | 13/1/2016 3:40:59 PM
Hi sir, it's no longer available. We can only know if there's any extra once it's in stock and if there is any last minute cancellation. In the mean time, please stay tune with us ya :)
Ethan Tang | 11/10/2015 12:13:06 AM
pls help me out..if that any possiblelities that I still can po this hulkbuster???
yusmie nasrul firdaus | 10/10/2015 10:37:16 PM
Understood. :) | 1/10/2015 1:59:50 PM
The "????" is an emoticon, sorry.
Marco Ferrari | 30/9/2015 3:53:52 PM
Thank you, always very kind ????
Marco Ferrari | 30/9/2015 3:53:05 PM
It still depend on our distributor. When the item release, we will request for an additional units. If we able to secure it, we will put up in our website when it arrived. :) Stay tune ya. | 30/9/2015 11:55:55 AM
If i request a new shipment, will be the figure available at 100%?
Marco Ferrari | 29/9/2015 9:20:16 PM
Nope. It sold separately. The figure itself is around 41cm tall. Apologies as we believe is not comparable to SHF figure. :) Thanks. | 1/6/2015 1:20:12 PM
I see a figure inside HB, does it come along? how tall is the figure? is it removable any idea SHF ironman figure can fit in?
azuan farees | 1/6/2015 1:13:08 PM
@Jason - Thanks bro. :) | 31/5/2015 1:03:35 AM
Finger cross.
Jason | 30/5/2015 5:18:53 PM
Got it and thanks??
Jason | 30/5/2015 5:18:26 PM
@Chie Ming Lau - Thanks bro. :) | 30/5/2015 1:26:29 PM
Points only credited after item arrives and full payment done.
Chie Ming Lau | 30/5/2015 12:43:28 PM
Hi bro, kindly check your email for the reply. :) Thanks. | 30/5/2015 12:24:54 AM
Bro I didnt received the 3976 points credited into my account as I have paid the 20% deposit for the preorder. Can you help me to check and rectify the problem? My order ID is 10659040, thank you.
Jason | 29/5/2015 7:33:44 PM

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