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1/72 Harrier GR.9 800 NAS disbandment scheme ZD351
From Hobby Master
Code: HA2612

Length: 7.75 inches
Width: 5 inches

Die-cast metal.
Superb detailing in 1/72 scale.
Pre-painted with pad applied markings.
Fully assembled.
Weapons that are not permanently attached.
Comes with crew figure.
Display stand included.
Option to display model with wheels up or down.
Minimum use of plastic.

The GR.9 Harrier came into service in October 2006 and is a very updated improvement on 
the GR.7. The GR.9 is capable of a wider range of advanced precision weaponry, new 
communications along with upgraded airframes.

GR.9 specifications
Aircrew - 1
Engine – 1 X RR Pegasus 105 or 107 turbofan producing 96.7 kN   (21,750 lbs) of thrust
Maximum Speed - 574kts   (660 mph)
Maximum Altitude – 13,110 m   (43,000 ft)
Length - 14.36m   (47.11 ft)
Wingspan - 9.25m   (30.35 ft)
Armament - AIM-9 Sidewinder, Maverick, Paveway II, Paveway III, Enhanced Paveway, 
General Purpose Bombs, CRV-7

The British Joint Force Harriers are due for dress down (retirement) on December 16, 2010. 
This Harrier wears a special paint scheme marking the years this type of aircraft has been 
with 800 NAS RAF Cottesmore Squadron

800NAS RAF Cottesmore
ZD327/08A Harrier GR.9
ZD329/10 Harrier GR.9
ZD330/11 Harrier GR.9
ZD347/14 Harrier GR.9A
ZD348/15 Harrier GR.9A
ZD351 Harrier GR.9
ZD375/23 Harrier GR.9
ZD406 Harrier GR.9
ZD435/47 Harrier GR.9
ZD436/48 Harrier GR.9A
ZD438/50 Harrier GR.9
ZD467/57A Harrier GR.9A
ZD470/60 Harrier GR.9
ZG504/75A Harrier GR.9A
ZG506/77 Harrier GR.9A
ZG508/79 Harrier GR.9

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

Our Price: MYR200.00


Only applicable within Peninsula Malaysia.
NOT applicable for Sabah, Sarawak & international order.

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