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1/72 AV-8B Harrier US Marines VMA-223 Bulldogs
From Hobby Master
CODE: HA2608
Length: 7.75 inches
Width: 5 inches

Die-cast metal.
Superb detailing in 1/72 scale.
Pre-painted with pad applied markings.
Fully assembled.
Weapons that are not permanently attached.
Comes with crew figure.
Display stand included.
Option to display model with wheels up or down.
Minimum use of plastic.

The AV-8B II + is the second generation of Harriers. Using its VSTOL (Vertical and Short 
Take Off Landing) abilities the Harrier is capable of using almost any surface to attack 
and destroy air or ground targets. Armed with conventional or specific weapons the AV-
8B II + can be used in offensive or defensive roles. Now with air-borne radar the AV-8B II 
+ can deliver its ordnance day or night. The AV-8B II + can be air refueled allowing it to 
be deployed for extended periods.

USMC VMA-223 is a squadron that flies AV-8B Harriers. Their mission is to provide 
offensive as well as defensive air support for Marine personnel and equipment. VMA-
223 “Bulldogs” was commissioned on May 1, 1942 and their first aircraft was the 
Brewster F2A Buffalo. In 1965 VMA-223 and their A-4 Skyhawks were sent to Chu Lai, 
South Vietnam. They were tasked with providing air support for allied ground forces. 
They were stationed in South Vietnam for five and a half years and flew a total of 32,000 
flight hours. In October 1987 the Bulldogs transitioned to their McDonnell Douglas AV-
8B Harrier II. Then in December 1993 the Bulldogs took delivery of the AV-8B II +.

Specifications for the AV-8B+ (Harrier II Plus)

Developed by - Boeing, BAE Systems, and Rolls Royce

Operators – USMC, Italian Navy, Spanish Navy

Crew – (1) pilot

Powerplant – (1) Rolls-Royce Pegasus 11-61 (F402-RR-408) (Mk 105) vectored-thrust 
turbofan engine,
23,500 lbf (105 kN)
Maximum speed @ sea level - .89 Mach   (662 mph)   (1,070 km/h)
Range – 1,200 nm   (1,400 mi)   (2,200 km)
Combat radius - 300 nmi   (556 km)
Ferry range - 1,800 nmi   (3,300 km)
Rate of climb - 14,700 ft/min   (4,485 m/min)

Length - 46 ft 4 in   (14.12 m)
Wingspan - 30 ft 4 in   (9.25 m)
Height - 11 ft 8 in   (3.55 m)
Wing area - 243.4 ft²   (22.61 m²)

Empty - 13,968 lb   (6,340 kg)
Loaded - 22,950 lb   (10,410 kg)
Max takeoff –
Rolling /  31,000 lb   (14,100 kg)
Vertical /  20,755 lb   (9,415 kg)

Guns – (1) X GAU-12U "Equalizer" 25 mm (0.98 in) cannon with 300 rounds of 
Hardpoints – (7)  capable of carrying up to 13,200 lb (STOVL) of ordnance such as iron 
bombs, cluster bombs, napalm canisters, laser-guided bombs, AGM-65 Maverick or 
AGM-84 Harpoon missiles, Sea Eagle missiles, a LITENING targeting pod, up to (4) AIM-
9 Sidewinder or similar-sized infrared-guided missiles, up to (4) AIM-120 AMRAAM 
missiles, as well as new “Smart Weapons” such as JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition).

Raytheon APG-65 pulse Doppler radar
Assemble Guide: No assembly required.
Our Price: MYR200.00


Only applicable within Peninsula Malaysia.
NOT applicable for Sabah, Sarawak & international order.