1/72 Douglas A-1H Skyraider: USN VA-25 Fist of the Fleet NE577 Clint Johnson USS Midway
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CODE: HA2903
Length: 6.5"  
Width: 8.25"

The A-1 Skyraider originated as a carrier-based torpedo and dive bomber. Deliveries as the AD-1 
to the Navy began in November 1946 and in 1962 was renamed A-1. It was the first single-seat 
torpedo/dive bomber to serve with the Navy. The primary mission of the A-1 was close air support 
for ground troops because of its heavy ordnance load and accuracy. The aircraft had great 
success in Korea and Vietnam. There were 3,180 Skyraiders built in seven major models and 28 
different versions. There were 266 A-1s lost in Vietnam.
Some nicknames - Able Dog, Spad, Sandy, Hobo, Firefly, Zorro and "Crazy Water Buffalo," a 
VNAF nickname.

The “Fist of the Fleet” originally started out as VT-17 in 1943 flying TBF/TBM’s. In November 
1946 VT-17 became VA-6B flying the SB2C Helldiver and eventually AD-1 Skyraiders. Next the 
squadron became part of Air Group Six as VA-65 in April 1948 and in 1950 moved to the West 
Coast of the U.S. as part of Air Group Two. During their time there they made 3 deployments 
during the Korean War. In July 1959 as part of a number swap with an East Coast squadron in Air 
Group Six VA-65 became VA-25. Throughout the 1960’s VA-25 made three carrier deployments to 
Vietnam flying over 3,000 combat missions and dropping ten million pounds of ordnance on the 
enemy. In 1968 the Spads were retired in favor of the A-7 Corsair making the Skyraiders from VA-
25 the last of the USN’s tactical propeller driven aircraft.
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