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1/72 A-10A Thunderbolt II 23rd TFW (Provisional): Saudi Arabia Operation Desert Storm 1991
From Hobby Master
Code: HA1312

Length: 8.75 inches

Width: 9.75 inches

October 1975 saw delivery of the first USAF A-10a and deployment in March 1976. Built 
specifically for close ground support the pilot is protected by titanium armor while being 
covered by a bubble canopy giving a commanding view. The Warthog has everything 
needed to survive, dual engines; self-sealing fuel cells; redundant flight control systems 
protected by titanium armor; a 30 mm seven-barrel Gatling gun; a wide array of bombs 
and missiles. This plane packs a heavy punch and can stay on scene a long time to 
In the Gulf War, A-10s had a mission capable rate of 95.7 percent, flew 8,100 sorties and 
launched 90 percent of the AGM-65 Maverick missiles and were vital assets during 
Operation Desert Storm and Operation Noble Anvil.

The 23rd TFW was normally based out of England AFB, La. But in 1991 during 
Operation Desert Storm they were assigned to the 706th TFS, 926th TFG in Saudi 
Arabia. On February 6, 1991 Captain Robert Swain spotted 2 Iraqi helicopters speeding 
across the desert. The helicopters split in opposite directions so Captain Swain pursued 
the south-bound. Swain first attempted to use an AIM-9L missiles but couldn’t lock on so 
the second pass he fired about 300 rounds of his 30mm gun causing the helicopter to 
explode. This was the first ever air-to-air kill by an A-10 so the aircraft was named the 
“Chopper Popper”.

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

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