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1/6 The Wandering Earth CN171-11 Rescue Unit Captain Wang Lei
From Damtoys
DAMTOYS - The Wandering Earth - 1/6th scale action figure CN171-11 rescue unit captain Wang Lei (DMS034)

A boat cast human dream seeks hope in the vast universe.

Damtoys is proud to announce the first 1/6th scale collectible figure of the Wandering Earth series - CN171-11 rescue unit captain Wang Lei as portrayed by actor Li Guangjie on the second anniversary of the Wandering Earth, the dawn of Chinese science fiction movie.

Damtoys has got much attention and anticipation from players and fans since we were licensed to develop kinds of figures on 1/12th and 1/6th scale for the Wandering Earth. We have obtained the genuine licenses of the movie Wandering Earth and the portraiture right of Li Guangjie. Special thanks to China Film Marketing, The Egg, Mr. Li Guangjie, his agent team for their support, and Weta Workshop for their technical support.

Damtoys has been actively working on this series. We strive to break through the limits of the production process with our consistent serious attitude and excellent production level and faithfully restore the character's details in the movie to pay tribute to this milestone in the history of Chinese science fiction movies!

Character Description:

The Wandering Earth, directed by Guo Fan and adapted from the novel of the same name written by Liu Cixin, is set in 2075. And it tells the story of the imminent destruction of the sun and the fact that the solar system is no longer suitable for human survival. In the face of this desperation situation, human beings have made the Wandering Earth project, trying to escape the solar system with the earth and find a new home.

It is urgent to restart the Earth Engines to keep the earth alive when the earth passes by Jupiter but deviates from its intended orbit during the Wandering Earth project. Wang Lei, portrayed by actor Li Guangjie, is a United Earth Government soldier and captain of CN 171-11 rescue unit. His team is aiming to restart the Hangzhou 01 Earth Engine. He never gives up and still insists on fulfilling his mission even he encountered many difficulties along the way. In the film, the character Wang Lei is portrayed as real and full. Many people could not help but cry when this steel-like warrior says, “This is an order, live on!” and it has become one of the most classic scenes in The Wandering Earth.

Design Introduction:

Our designers have done much work to restore the deep-rooted character as perfect as possible. We finally bring you this 1/6th scale collectible figure following the setting, precise character image, costume, and equipment in the movie combined with excellent production technology.

Head sculpt: the figure comes with a highly realistic head sculpture, which effectively presents the character's unique hardcore face. The head sculptor has finally portrayed Captain Wang Lei's brave and determined steel soldier temperament subtly after numerous adjustments with the belief of reproducing the highly realistic character's image.

Costume: The military exoskeleton outfit equipped by the CN171-11 rescue unit in the movie is primarily ergonomically designed and manufactured by Weta Workshop in New Zealand. It is the most difficult part of the production of this figure for our team.

We have streamlined the design based on real props to match the figure's mobility, and eventually developed this exoskeleton consisted of about 130 parts, such as various mechanical components, special-shaped leg rods, hydraulic cylinders, pipelines, joints, together with a machine- made textured energy backplane, there are countless complex details.

Besides, this product also comes with an exquisite helmet containing1/6th scale CN171-11 rescue unit captain Wang Lei collectible figure specially features:

Main character:
- Exquisite head sculpture: the head sculpture highly restores the facial expressions and gritty image of the character Wang Lei acted by Li Guangjie in The Wandering Earth.
- Dam 3.5 high action body
- 4 interchangeable hands including:
- A pair of the fist clenched hands
- One left hand for holding the gun
- One right hand for opening fire

- One exquisite detachable helmet, including mask and recording equipment
- One communication headset
- A set of the sophisticated exoskeleton of military mechanical movable structure with an energy backplane and over 130 parts,
such as various mechanical components, special-shaped leg rods, hydraulic cylinders, pipelines, joints.
- A set of military black protective suit
- A pair of knee pads
- Black pistol holster
- A pair of boots

- CNIGC.CO L/QBZ47-5.8 assault rifle
- CNIGC.CO L/QSZ47-9 pistol
- Rifle mag x 1
- Pistol mag x 1

Other accessories:
- Exclusive base

Assemble Guide: Some assembly required.

Image is of the prototype. The final product is subject to change without prior notice.

Our Price: MYR1120.00 . MYR1008.00

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