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Unboxing the Pop Up Parade Tokino Sora Figure by Max Factory (WNTU?)
Published 25 Apr 2023

Welcome back to another episode of 'What's New To Unbox?'! 😘

This week, we have the Pop Up Parade series figure which is Hololive Tokino Sora. It's been a while since Jackson appearing on a video, but because Sora is his number one waifu, he decided to do the unboxing video for you guys🤣

Not to mention aside from the Nendoroid version of Tokino Sora, this is the only Sora figure available on the market right now, so if you are a Sora simp like Jackson, don't think about it, just get her already...😂

Get your own Sora here

❤️While Stock Last❤️

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