First 40 Minutes of PS5 Star Wars Jedi Survivor Playthrough (WNTP?)
Published 30 Apr 2023
Welcome back to another episode of 'What's New To Play?'! 🎮

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It's been a while since Carly make a gameplay video for you guys because he's been really busy these days, and there's not really much new release games during April. But he's back with PS5 Star Wars Jedi Survivor gameplay!

The game runs pretty poor on the performance mode, at least before Carly able to update the game (the game required a 140+ GB update for the first update). So if you got the game but you can't wait to play it while it's updating, we suggest that you play it at 30fps (Quality mode) first, then switch to Performance Mode when the update is done.

Get the game here

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