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First 26 Minutes of PS5 Atlas Fallen Playthrough (WNTP?)
Published 25 Aug 2023

In this playthrough Carly's gonna show you guys the first 26 minutes of playthrough of Atlas Fallen for the PS5.

The story is pretty mediocre but the combat is really fun😁 The way that you need to gain momentum for your weapon to shift to more powerful weapon really make the combat stands out. And you can create your own character too although it lack the slider.

All in all, pretty decent for a hack and slash rpg if you don't mind the mediocre story. Carly given 8/10 for this game.

If you are interested in getting this game, link down below👇
PS5 Version: here
Xbox X Version: here

Thank you so much for watching! See you guys on the next gameplay.

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