Unboxing Ziyuli Let's Find Spring Series Blindbox (WNTU?)
Published 25 Oct 2023
This week, Carly's gonna unbox the Ziyuli Let's Find Spring Series blind box by Letsvan! Thank you so much for sending us the samples for this review, Letsvan!

In this video, we'll be taking a closer look at this adorable figurine featuring exquisite painting and flawless finishing. From a distance, the figurine truly resembles delicate glass craftsmanship. If you're a fan of cute girl figurines, you won't want to miss collecting them all!

Pre-order yours here now👇
Individual Blind Boxes: here
Box Of 6 Boxes: here

(For Assorted Boxes)
- 1 Assorted Box = 6 pieces (usually, there are no duplicate contents).
- 6 regular types + 1 secret type (There is a chance to obtain the secret figure.)

(For Individual Pieces)
- Each piece contains one type. It is not possible to choose the variety, and there is a possibility of duplicate contents even when purchasing multiple pieces.
- If you wish to collect the entire series, we recommend purchasing from the "Assorted Box" page.
- 6 regular types + 1 secret type. (There is a chance to obtain the secret figure.)

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