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Players of Dragon's Dogma 2 strategize to eliminate numerous NPCs, driven by a noble cause.
Published 22 Mar 2024

As the highly anticipated release of Dragon's Dogma 2 approaches on March 22, excitement among fans is palpable. However, early reviews have highlighted potential frame rate issues, prompting some players to devise unconventional solutions. With reports suggesting that NPC density may be contributing to the problem, fans have jokingly proposed a strategy of systematically eliminating non-essential NPCs to alleviate performance woes.

Despite the humorous nature of the proposed solution, concerns have been raised about the potential consequences of such drastic actions. Players face the risk of permanently altering their game world by eliminating NPCs, as death in Dragon's Dogma 2 is final unless resurrected. While some fans are eager to tackle the frame rate issue head-on, others caution against rash decisions, advocating for patience in awaiting an official patch from Capcom.

As the countdown to launch dwindles, players eagerly anticipate the resolution of reported frame rate issues. While the prospect of NPC elimination adds an element of humor to the situation, the long-term impact on gameplay remains uncertain. Ultimately, the community awaits the verdict on whether this unconventional approach will be necessary or if a more traditional solution will prevail.

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