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The release of GTA 6 might be pushed back to 2026.
Published 25 Mar 2024

GTA 6, highly anticipated by fans, initially aimed for an "early 2025" release, but recent reports suggest it could be delayed until 2026 due to development setbacks. The revelation of the game's release timeframe in late 2023 was met with excitement tempered by disappointment, as many had hoped for a 2024 launch. This delay was disheartening for fans, and now, the prospect of waiting even longer is daunting.

According to Kotaku, GTA 6's launch was planned for early 2025, but development issues have caused concerns about slipping into late 2025 or even 2026. To address this, Rockstar is reportedly mandating a return to the office for employees in April, aiming to accelerate production. Despite efforts to meet the original target, sources indicate that a release later in 2025 seems more plausible at this stage.

The worst-case scenario presented by Kotaku is a 2026 release, viewed by Rockstar as an "emergency button" if development fails to progress adequately. While the next trailer may still suggest a 2026 release, Rockstar's decisions tend to occur late in development. As fans await further updates, the uncertainty surrounding GTA 6's release continues to fuel anticipation and apprehension alike.

Via: TheGamer

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