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Dragon's Dogma 2 Unveils Solutions for Microtransaction Issues, Frame Rate Enhancements, and Additional Improvements.
Published 27 Mar 2024

Last week, Capcom launched Dragon's Dogma 2 to a blend of positive reviews and fan dissatisfaction. Despite initial acclaim, numerous players voiced discontent with the game's current state. To address these concerns, developers have promised forthcoming updates, as detailed on the game's official Twitter account. The revealed changes, such as adjustments to item availability, quest progression, and technical fixes, aim to tackle player grievances, with a focus on enhancing gameplay experience across all platforms, including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam.

The reception to these announced updates has largely been favorable across social media platforms. Among the changes, the adjustment to Art of Metamorphosis availability stands out as particularly significant, given the controversy surrounding microtransactions in the game. This alteration is expected to alleviate some of the discontent among players, reflected in the positive reactions online. Additionally, the promised improvements to frame rate are eagerly anticipated, although the timeframe for their implementation remains uncertain, prompting some players to express frustration over potential delays.

Capcom's commitment to releasing updates as soon as they are ready offers hope for timely improvements, albeit with varying timelines for different aspects of the game. While some players may feel aggrieved by the initial state of the game and the need for subsequent updates, exercising patience may prove beneficial for those awaiting a more polished experience. As Capcom works to address player concerns and enhance Dragon's Dogma 2, prospective players might consider delaying their entry into the game until these updates are implemented more comprehensively.

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