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Active Development Underway for Borderlands 4; Gearbox Bought Out by New Ownership
Published 28 Mar 2024

In a surprising turn of events, Gearbox Entertainment has announced its departure from the Embracer Group and confirmed the active development of Borderlands 4. The acquisition of Gearbox by Take-Two Interactive/2K marks a significant shift in the company's ownership, though rumors regarding Gearbox's status within Embracer had been circulating for some time prior to the announcement.

The announcement of the acquisition was made through a straightforward image posted on Gearbox's social media channels, with founder Randy Pitchford expressing optimism about the partnership with Take-Two Interactive/2K and the potential for growth. Part of this announcement includes confirmation that Borderlands 4 is currently in active development, indicating exciting prospects for the beloved franchise's future.

Embracer Group, meanwhile, retains certain intellectual properties and subsidiaries in the deal, including Gearbox Publishing San Francisco, which will be rebranded. The acquisition reflects Embracer's ongoing reorganization efforts following its recent acquisition spree, positioning Gearbox as the latest addition to its evolving portfolio amidst a series of strategic moves within the industry.

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