Ubisoft Unveils the Latest Anno Game
Published 11 Jun 2024
Ubisoft has officially unveiled "Anno 117: Pax Romana," a new city-building game set in the Ancient Roman period, slated for release in 2025 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Amazon's Luna service. This latest installment in the long-running Anno series combines city-building gameplay with historical simulation, offering players the chance to manage and grow settlements in a historically inspired Roman setting.

The Anno series, which began with "Anno 1602" in 1998, has a rich history of blending exploration and settlement-building with historical themes. While most entries have focused on historical periods, such as the Age of Exploration or the Industrial Revolution, only two titles ventured into speculative futures. "Anno 1800," released in 2019, marked the series' return to historical inspiration and its debut on consoles. "Anno 117: Pax Romana" looks back further than any previous title, drawing thematic inspiration from the Roman Empire and placing players in control of a new Roman governor.

At Ubisoft Forward 2024, a live-action teaser trailer titled "Governors Wanted" introduced the game's premise, featuring an actor in Roman attire describing the player's role. Players will govern provinces like Latium or the Celtic-inspired Albion, starting their colonies from untamed wilderness. Ubisoft promises that "Anno 117: Pax Romana" will be the largest and most detailed simulation of Rome yet, focusing on construction and cultural development rather than warfare, with gameplay allowing for the spread of Roman culture or the adoption of Celtic traditions.

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