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FFXV Aranea lands in FFBE War of the Visions!
Published 2 Dec 2021

She was available for the Japanese since August but Aranea has finally arrived on the international version of FFBE: War of the Visions!

I managed to get her on the 1st day! Only spent about 10,000 Visiore to get her. That is not much, took almost 40k to get Lara Croft in the previous event.

Now have to train her up and upgrade her weapon. If you are a FFXV fan you can check out the mobile game, they will give you some free pulls but the chance that you will get the character you want on the free pulls is very small.

Added another beauty to my roster, which already includes 2B, Tifa, Aerith and Lara Croft. Very happy. Looking forward to see what other characters they might add in future.


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