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(ENG SUB) Unboxing the POP UP PARADE Houshou Marine by Good Smile Company [4K] - WNTU?
Published 8 Jan 2023

 #houshoumarine #hololive #waifu
We want to wish everyone whoever reading this a HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us Panickers! Wish you guys have a healthy and happy years ahead of you! You guys rock!!!

Welcome back to another episode of 'What's New To Unbox?'!

You got drag in because of the thumbnail? I see you are a fellow cultured man as well...XD This week we have a Hololive character with over 2 million subscribers on her channel! That's crazy! Hopefully somewhere in the future we will hit that numbers too hahaha...

Want to see more waifus unboxing? Hit that like and subscribe button! Hope you enjoy the video, thanks for watching!

The product page can be ordered here

#unboxing #whatsnewtounbox #popupparade #goodsmilecompany #houshoumarine #senchoumarine #waifu #hololive #vtuber #toypanic


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