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Unboxing the 1/8 Kasane Randall By Kotobukiya (WNTU?)
Published 8 Jan 2023

#kotobukiya #kasanerandall #artfxj
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Welcome back to another episode of 'What's New To Unbox?'!

This week we have a hidden gem waifu from the action RPG game 'Scarlet Nexus', Kasane Randall! So happy to see Kasane being shown some love by Kotobukiya. 

Although it's quite expensive but right now it's the only Kasane figure that is available in the market, so Carly decided to get it cuz apparently he has a thing for white hair and red eyes waifus...XD

Anyway if you don't know who Kasane is we highly recommend you to play the game 'Scarlet Nexus', you can play as Yuito or Kasane (extend the gameplay time), the combat is fun as hell, the story is interesting...give it a try, we're sure you will love it!

If you are interested in this Kasane we still have one last pc in-stock on our website! Here's the link

Want to get Scarlet Nexus game instead? We have them too!
PS4: here

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#kotobukiya #kasanerandall #artfxj #scarletnexus #whatsnewtounbox #unboxing #review #waifu #toypanic


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