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First 35 Minutes of PS5 One Piece Odyssey Playthrough (WNTP?)
Published 15 Jan 2023

#gameplay #ps5 #onepiece
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What's going on guys? Carly here.

It's been a while since I make a gameplay video for you guys since I'm so busy these days. In this episode of 'What's New To Play?' we are going to play One Piece Odyssey for the PS5, the gameplay fps run very smooth on PS5 as you expected, but I kinda wish the cinematic animation is on 60 fps too, but I guess there's some limitation to it.

If you guys are a One Piece fans definitely check this game out, it's in-stock on toypanic website to please check it out if you are interested: 

PS4 English (R3) : here
PS5 English (R3) : here
PS4 Chinese (R3) : here
PS5 Chinese (R3) : here
PS4 Collector Edition Chinese (R3) : here

#ps5 #onepiece #onepiceodyssey #gameplay #playthrough #whatsnewtoplay #toypanic #gamepanic


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