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Thank You Paniacs For The Awesome 2022!!
Published 21 Jan 2023

Closing up year 2022 with our annual dinner last week. The Panickers had a great time with the sand , sun ☀️ and of course...the main event of the day, good food . A little celebration to reward them for their hard work done & most importantly, the great team work demonstrated during those tough Covid years.

Last but not least, on the behalf of the Toypanic team, admin would like to take this opportunity again to thank our Paniacs for putting their love ❤️ and trust with us throughout all these years 🙏🏻

We wouldn't be here today if not for your undying support and the words of encouragement we received since day 1 we'd started Toypanic back in early 2010. Can you imagine? It has been 13 years. How time flies ya 😅.

With that, THANK YOU Paniacs and a BIG BEAR hug from us. Let's go for another 13 years and see you down the road 👊🏻


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