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Unboxing the 1/4 NieR: Automata 2B Wedding Dress GK By Moonlight Studio
Published 22 Jan 2023

 #whatsnewtounbox #nierautomata #2b
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Happy Chinese New Year to all of our Paniacs! Wish you guys a happy and healthy this year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Welcome back to another episode of 'What's New To Unbox?'. In this episode we are unboxing 2B Wedding Dress made by Moonlight Studio! This figure is actually owned by Andrew (our former Panicker), so we wanted to say thank you to Andrew for letting us unbox and review your waifu figure...XD

Me and Farhan actually got sick after we shoot this video, so just a heads up there will no unboxing videos in the coming weeks. Hopefully we will be well soon and do more videos for you guys, cheers!

You can order the figure here

#whatsnewtounbox #nierautomata #2b #gk #gkfigure #garagekit #weddingdress #waifu #game #anime #toypanic


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